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 A very positive new concept capturing device that can shoot a strong net for catching criminals and/or suspects from a safe distance. Easy to use, effective, safer than any other security devices.
next generation security tool
ⓐ No gun or gunpowder is needed for projecting the catching-net. Adopting compressed gas as projection power, the product is safe and environment-friendly. 
ⓑ Looking like a large-sized flash light, it is portable and easy to use. To use catching-net, you only need to aim it at the target, hold upper pipe with one hand, trigger safety pin with the other hand and turn its lower pipe to the left. Catching-net will be immediately projected. 
ⓒ The catching net is made of special high-molecule fiber, featuring high strength and good catching ability. 
ⓓ The projection and spreading of the net is achieved from the traction of twelve traction heads. Proper use of the product will not cause any injury to suspects. 
ⓔ Its price is only one fifth to one tenth of similar products in domestic and overseas markets. 

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